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We are a new Metaphyical Shop with a touch of ...
We embrace all faiths as you will see when you visit our shop.
We hope you will find something here to inspire your spirit and fly to your hearts desire.

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We take pride in providing excellent customer service and what we believe are some of the finest collectable and gift items available. We are a family owned business and are home based. When you click on the Store link you will fly to our newly remodeled store. We have some jewelry, figurines, angles dragons and wizards. And a whole lot more. I add items all the time and I have several suppliers that I will be using.
This has truly been a work in progress and there is still much work still to be done. I hope you enjoy your stay and find something of interest.

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We believe Pay Pal is the best company for our purposes and it keeps our cost down so we can keep our prices low.

I have recently started a class with Doreen Virtue on Fairyology. I am really exited
about this. I hope to learn all that is possible about the Fae. There is so much to learn
and I know it will be loads of fun. If you are interested in such a course, here is the link
to Doreen Virtue's Become a Certified Fairyologist! I have known about and seen the Fae for many years and as of late I have been guided to learn more about these amazing beings. If you like the idea of Fairies I have several on sale at the link below.

Press here see some Fairy items you might like to purchase.


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